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The Rotary Club of Brimbank Central became involved in a heartwarming story to transform the life Lin Da in May 2014,  through a combination of the ROMAC (Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children) Program, Kims Foundation of Hope (a local organisation run by a truly fantastic Vietnamese woman Kim Thien Truong).

Linh Da had a tumour (not cancerous) on her face that needed to be removed and then she required extensive dental surgery to rebuild her mouth and teeth.  She is now able to eat and speak with more fluency than ever before.


Lin Da underwent facial reconstruction surgery in early August 2014 at the Dandenong Hospital.

The procedure rebuilt part of the left hand side of her face, and after a few days of recovery she was transferred to the ICU at the Monash Childrens Hospital where she stayed for several weeks as this was very major surgery that took her some time to recover from.

She returned home to Deer Park however she still needed to attend for regular appointments to see the doctors during the home recovery period and to allow plans to be made for further surgery and for dental work that also needed to be done.

With the extra surgery and dental procedures completed in February/March Lin Da has been continuing with her recovery and is gaining strength every day.

She has continued to attend a range of medical appointments on a weekly basis, all designed to enable her to adjust to eating differently and to speak using her mouth in ways that she has been unable to before.

This has been a most rewarding experience for those from our Club who have been personally involved.

We would like to pay a special tribute to Past President Michael Donnelly who has been a mountain of strength and support by providing the weekly “taxi service” to take Lin Da and her Mother Hanh to the medical appointments in Clayton. We know that Michael has gained much from the opportunity, nevertheless we thank him for all his time and devotion to this wonderful project.


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